Morocco By Train – 9 Days

  • 9 days
  • From - Tangier
  • To - Marrakech
This tour takes you on a journey through some of Morocco's most exciting and historically rich cities. Starting in Tangier, you'll take a high-speed train to Casablanca and visit iconic landmarks such as the Hassan II Mosque. Next, you'll travel to Rabat and see the old Medina, Kasbah, and the Hassan Tower. From there, you'll head to Fes, the spiritual and intellectual capital of Islam in the west, where you'll explore its ancient mosques, universities, and markets. You'll then venture to the ancient Roman city of Volubilis and the Imperial City of Meknes before ending your tour in vibrant Marrakech.

Group leaves Algeciras by ferry to Tangier Med port or Tangier Medina port.
On arrival to Tangier meet & assist with luggage. If time permitting further to Ferry
arrival time, an orientation visit of Tangier will be on the plan.
Transfer by Car/Minivan/minibus/coach to the new TGV Train station in Tangier for a
departure @ 15:55 to Casablanca, arrive 18:05. The Casablanca -Tangier – high-
speed rail line is a new rail line that host the TGV (Al Bouraq high-speed train").
Transfer by car/minivan/minibus/coach to the hotel in Casablanca.
Check in & Overnight at the hotel in Casablanca.

Breakfast at your hotel.

Morning visit of Casablanca will includes a view of the impressive and newly built Hassan II Mosque, the second largest mosque in the world (outside visit of the mosque), Place Mohamed V, a busy shopping street lined by residential blocks dating from the 1930s, United Nations Square, designed by French architect Joseph Marrast, the League of Arab States Park, which was built in 1925 and offers a large area of greenery with palm trees, arcades, pergolas and cafés with shady terraces.

Late morning, 1hour 30mns car/minivan/minibus/coach transfer to Rabat.

Your guided sightseeing tour of Rabat, the political capital of Morocco and the fourth of the Imperial cities begins at the old Medina, the picturesque Kasbah (forth) of the Oudayas, and the Oudaya Gate (at the estuary facing the Barbary coast Corsair port of Sallee) with its Museums, built during the Almohads dynasty. Legend has it that jews came to salacolonia 5.C. before Carthage. In the day of Solomon, to purchse Gold. The Merinids built the well-preserved Hassan Tower and the Chellah in the 12th and 13th centuries. Walk into the mohamed V Mausoleum, the burial place of the present King’s father, in front of the Royal Palace.

Optional lunch at Marina river and Riverside restaurant.

Transfer by car/minivan/minibus/coach to Rabat ONCF train station departing @ 16:30 Train arrives @19:10 to Fes train station.

Check in and overnight at your hotel in Fes.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Full day city tour of Fes, the oldest of the four Imperial Cities, founded approx. 809 A.D. spiritual and intellectual capital of Islam in the west. Your visit will include: The 15th century Borj Nord (north forth) arm museum, the great gateway of the Royal Palace, the imposing fortifications of the 17th century Kasbah des Chrardas, the 9th century Karaouyine Mosque and University (the second most important Islamic University in the world after El Azhar in Cairo) with its Medersas (colleges) of BouInaninia and Attarine dating from the 14th century, the shrine of MoulayIdriss II, founder of Fes, the 19th century Makina-armament factory where carpets are made nowadays, the Nejarine fountain, the Bab Boujloud gateway, the spice market, the guilds and souks of the Medina.

Today , lunch at local restaurant On own recommended by our local guide.

Dinner with show at Moroccan restaurant in Fes:

Back to your hotel in Fes for overnight.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Your full day excursion begins with a short drive Through Zagota pass to Volubilis with its imposing Roman ruins, capital of the Roman Province of Mauritania and home of Sylene, daughter of Antony and Cleopatra who married the Berber King Juba II, visit the Olive press, the House of Orpheus, the Basilica, the Baths of Gallienus, the Forum, the Triumphal Arch of Caracalla, the House of Venus.

Drive to Meknes for an optional Lunch at a local Restaurant.

After Lunch, you will visit Meknes, third of the Imperial Cities, built by the 17 th century Sultan Moulay Ismael, contemporary of Louis XIV of France whose grandiose building schemes he imitated. Visit the monumental Bab El Mansour gateway, the Place Lalla Adoua, the palace-tomb of Moulay Ismael (the only mosque in Morocco, after the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca which non-Muslims are allowed to enter), the ruins of the Agoudal Busin that were used to water the royal gardens and amuse the favorite concubines, the Moulay Ismail royal stables, granaries and House of Water (Dar El Ma) which were built in the 17 th and 18 th centuries to house, feed and water the sultan’s twelve thousand horses.

Return to your hotel in Fes for overnight.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer by car/minivan/minibus/coach to Fes ONCF train station departing @ 09:35

Train arrives @16:14 to Marrakech train station.

Check in and overnight at your hotel in Marrakech.

Breakfast at your hotel.

09:00am Visit of Marrakech, second of the four Imperial cities, rose-red-oasis at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, founded in 1062. Your morning historical visit will include: the ramparts, the stately 12th century Koutoubia minaret, by same architect as the Giralda in Seville and Tour Hassan in Rabat, the secret 16th century tombs of the Saadian Dynasty, notice the wonderful Hispano-Mauresque architecture surrounding the burial ground of the royal family, the Menara Gardens, Where we see the small Saadian Pavilion mirrored in still water with the Atlas Mountains and olive groves in the background. Sultans used this pavilion for romantic interludes. Afterward a visit to the aristocratic Bahia Palace (former home of a 19th century grand Vizir), shows us a lush Moorish-style gardening the courtyard of a large palace with beautifully painted residential rooms. Dar ALBACHA and finally, a stroll through the souks of the Medina and the famous Djamaa El F'na Square the ancient meeting point of the tradesmen in Northwest Africa, with its entertainers, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, story-tellers, public- scribes, soothsayers, medicine-men, snake-charmers.

During this special evening, we invite you to see a grand folklore show, featuring tribesmen and women from different parts of the country.

Back to your hotel for Overnight.

Breakfast at the hotel.

09:30 morning drive for a half day excursion which begins with a very picturesque drive from Marrakech through the gorge of Oued Ourika, allowing for stops to see and photograph the local pottery and high quality goods for sale along the Valley. On Mondays & Fridays we also stop at the weekly Berber souk, which is a fascinating place to see the rural trade. The journey continues along the rivers which meander through the foothills of the mountains, dotted with typical hamlets of backed clay and stones. Group will take a break to visit the Berber house and taste a cup of tea with Berber bread called Tannourt.

Back to Marrakech

Arrive to Our Riad. The Riad is an authentic cooking school. They offer classes in a beautiful Riad which is a traditional house with either a tree or a fountain in the middle of the patio. Our Riad has been totally renovated and adapted to host its guests for cooking classes since 2017.

The main mission of our Riad Team is to transmit 100% authentic recipes, this is why all of their chefs are women who have inherited the recipes from their mothers and grandmothers. This is why they use the term DADA for their chefs: A Dada in Morocco is a woman that used to run the house and has all the secrets.

The program:

  • Start with a theoretical part that contains:
    • A tea ceremony, an introduction about Moroccan cuisine and a brief idea about the most used spices in Moroccan cuisine too.
  • Then move to the practical part that contains:
    • Moroccan bread, a Berber vegetable tagine, and dessert as a demonstration
    • A Beef Berber tagine with mixed vegetables + 02 Moroccan salads as hands-on.
  • Then you enjoy all that you have prepared, and you get your DIPLOMA

Included lunch @ at Riad


  • Moroccan salad
  • Berber Beef Tagine with Mixed vegetables
  • Seasonal fruit or Moroccan dessert
  • Mint tea & Mineral water

Back to your hotel for the overnight.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Free Day at Leisure.

Farwell dinner & overnight either at your hotel or an outdoor restaurant.

Breakfast at your hotel.

Depends on your flight of today to back home. You may catch up the last shopping opportunity at the Medina souks or just plan a relaxation at the hotel’s swimming pool for a late departure from Marrakech.

Transfer by coach to Marrakech airport.

Flight TBA.


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